21 September, 2023

Wired UK magazine

What will the Earth look like a few centuries from now?
In the September issue 2023 Wired UK magazine featured Michael's "cool earth" series. Author Delle Chan conducted an interview with Michael in London, which forms the basis for the comprehensive article.

WIRED UK issue 9/23
Author: Delle Chan
Editor: Amit Katwala

17.Jul 2024, 06:37

01.Jul 2024, 09:37

27.Jun 2024, 11:50

24 June, 2024

Exhibition at Kunsthalle Bahnitz

22.Jun 2024, 18:34

22.Jun 2024, 08:47

20.Jun 2024, 13:03

18.Jun 2024, 09:49

18.Jun 2024, 09:43

13.Jun 2024, 07:45

04.Jun 2024, 17:35

27 May, 2024

flashback: UKE Hamburg

21 May, 2024

new artwork "netropolis | shenzhen | 2024"

22 April, 2024

Interview with Space Ambition

08 April, 2024

new artwork "CDF-X"

18 March, 2024

Exhibition JUT Art Museum, Taipei

08 March, 2024

new artwork "fusion power"

05 March, 2024

ARCO Madrid

29 February, 2024

Exhibition "A Constant State of Transformation", Melbourne

15 January, 2024

Podcast "FotoPsychoLogisch"

29 November, 2023

Symposium "Enter the Future"

29 November, 2023

Exhibition at Caixa Forum, Madrid

28 November, 2023

Exhibition at ArtScience Museum, Singapore

15 November, 2023

"orbital ascent" special edition

10 November, 2023

Exhibition at BANK Gallery, Shanghai

23 October, 2023

Podcast "Fotografie neu denken"

10 October, 2023

Michael shoots at ITER Fusion Ractor in France

27 September, 2023

Nanjing Artfair, China

07 September, 2023

Ars Electronica Festival - Who owns the truth?

03 June, 2023

Final test flight of Spaceship Unity

02 June, 2023

Civilization exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, London

19 April, 2023

Michael at the Starbase

28 February, 2023

new artwork "starbase II"

10 January, 2023

ART SG Singapore

12 December, 2022

"cool earth" exhibition at Studio la Città Gallery

11 November, 2022

Screening at COP27

12 October, 2022

Lecture at Deutsche Museum München

17 September, 2022

CIVILIZATION exhibition at Museo San Domenico

02 September, 2022

Frieze Seoul

08 June, 2022

Arctic expedition

04 June, 2022

Galería Juan Silió presents "cool earth" exhibition

29 May, 2022

New series "cool earth"

04 May, 2022

New Artwork "starbase"

30 March, 2022

mission:space re-edited version

06 January, 2022

new artwork "down to earth"

06 December, 2021

Michael visits STARBASE

09 September, 2021

New book "outer space v2"

07 September, 2021

Exhibition at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

12 July, 2021

Historic Spaceflight of VSS Unity

22 June, 2021

"Overview Effect" exhibition at Museum for Contemporary Art, Belgrade

18 May, 2021

Solo Exhibition "outer space" in Beijing

14 April, 2021

National Air and Space Museum aquires 3 artworks for permanent collection

22 January, 2021

New publication "Space is the Place - Current Reflections on Art and Architecture"

05 December, 2020

"outer space | portfolio box 2020" is now available

07 October, 2020

"New Classics of Mountains and Seas" Exhibition at Zhejiang Museum, China

05 October, 2020

"FUTURO" exhibition at Galleri d'Italia, Vincenza

12 September, 2020

"Space Works" exhibition at Tampere Art Museum, Finland

10 August, 2020

"CIVILIZATION" at Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand

05 August, 2020

new artwork "crew dragon"

12 July, 2020

Large scale mural "lunar explorers"

06 May, 2020

skype interview with curator Benjamin Weil

23 April, 2020

new artwork "ascension"

06 February, 2020

"terraforming" video on view at Studio National des Arts Contemporains

01 February, 2020

VSS Unity spaceship transferred to Spaceport America

12 December, 2019

new artwork "space renaissance"

19 November, 2019

Video interview on "outer space"

20 October, 2019

"Beyond the Horizon" - exhibition at Wittenstein Innovation Factory

25 September, 2019

"outer space" exhibition opens in Shanghai

12 August, 2019

"terraforming" exhibition at Galería Juan Silio, Spain

21 June, 2019

New artwork "lunar explorers"

08 June, 2019

Photo shooting at CERN

22 May, 2019

new artwork "ignition"

18 May, 2019

"intergalactic" exhibition at BNKR in Munich

12 April, 2019

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch

08 April, 2019

Shooting of Soyuz rocket launch in French Guiana

12 March, 2019

CIVILIZATION exhibition opened at the UCCA Beijing

08 February, 2019

Lecture at the European Space Research and Technology Center

30 January, 2019

A Bright Future - New Scientist magazine publicates the artwork "synlight"

14 December, 2018

VSS Unity - Welcome to Space !

30 October, 2018

Opening of the epic landmark exhibition „CIVILIZATION“ at Museum MCA, Seoul, South Korea

10 September, 2018

Shooting at European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC)

26 June, 2018

New artwork "orbital outpost"

20 June, 2018

Exhibition at Bank/MABSociety Gallery in Shanghai

09 April, 2018

Virgin Galactic completes first rocket-powered test flight of VSS UNITY spaceship

26 February, 2018

Michael takes pictures in an active volcano in New Zealand

11 January, 2018

New book publication „Planetary Echoes - Exploring the Implications of Human Settlement in Outer Space

05 January, 2018

Michael portrays the world´s biggest artificial sun

20 November, 2017

Michael participates in the exhibition “Rivoluzione Galileo. L’arte incontra la scienza”

02 October, 2017

Michael took pictures of the world´s largest telescope in China

20 September, 2017

Michael´s work now on view at the 7th Moscow Biennale 2017

25 July, 2017

Michael participates at the 7th Moscow Biennale 2017

23 June, 2017

michael najjar signs contract for cosmonaut training at β€ͺyuri gagarin cosmonaut training center‬

07 May, 2017

Panel discussion on occasion of the exhibition “Planetary Echoes“

24 April, 2017

Video trailer of the exhibition opening "Planetary Echoes“

19 April, 2017

Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation Berlin presents Michael´s new solo exhibition "Planetary Echoes“.

22 March, 2017

UK Business Traveller Magazine features “Space Suite“ on the cover

13 February, 2017

Photo- and video shooting in Iceland

12 January, 2017

Michael portrays future Mars robot „Valkyrie“ at Edinburgh Centre for Robotics

19 November, 2016

Michael takes pictures of Arianespace VA233 milestone mission

12 October, 2016

Michael Najjar is one of the few Hasselblad Ambassadors worldwide.

05 October, 2016

Exhibition at Reggio Emilia / Palazzo da Mosta

22 September, 2016

Michael visits the new SpaceShipTwo at SpaceShipCompany in the Mojave desert.

12 September, 2016

„Space Suite“ shortlisted for European Hotel Award

25 July, 2016

Michael Najjar photographs the Vulcain 2 rocket engine in France

02 June, 2016

“space garden“ at museum Marta Herford

01 April, 2016

„outer space“ exhibition opens in New York

11 March, 2016

VA229 Mission successful launched into space

20 February, 2016

Virgin Galactic unveils new spaceship 16 months after fatal crash

17 February, 2016

Michael has arrived at Guiana Space Center

13 November, 2015

Michael inaugurates solo exhibition „outer space“ at Kunstverein Oldenburg, Germany

31 October, 2015

Exo-Evolution Exhibition at ZKM Museum, Karlsruhe

13 October, 2015

Michael took pictures at :envihab - Future Research Center for Space and Earth

07 October, 2015

Michael opens the world´s first Space Suite in Zurich

24 September, 2015

Studio La Città presents Michael´s solo show "outer space“

21 September, 2015

Michael completed basic suborbital space training program at NASTAR

08 September, 2015

Michael Najjar – one of the first test persons to perform jump and vibration training on the next generation DLR centrifuge

08 July, 2015

Solo exhibition at Museo Es Baluard, Palma, Spain

08 June, 2015

WIRED MAGAZINE features a large online article by Alyssa Coppelman on Michael Najjar´s "outer space" series.

05 June, 2015

Exhibition at Galería Juan Silió, Santander, Spain

01 June, 2015

New artwork related to the SpaceshipTwo Crash

10 May, 2015

New artwork „oscillating universe“

17 April, 2015

Article in The Wall Street Journal

15 January, 2015

MISSION:SPACE - Documentary Film Preview

12 January, 2015

Michael Najjar exhibits at Peter Kilchmann Gallery, Zurich

12 December, 2014

Michael participates at Kochi-Muziris Biennale, India

06 November, 2014

"Michael Najjar - outer space book published - Introduction essay by Buzz Aldrin

31 October, 2014

SpaceshipTwo crashes during testflight

15 October, 2014

"outer space" presented in Parabol Art Magazine Curated issue by Peter Weibel (Director ZKM)

04 October, 2014

Michael photographs the Eden Project

30 September, 2014

HALO Jump - video documentation

02 September, 2014

Michael´s work featured in ELEFANT Art Magazine

09 July, 2014

Michael is the first artist ever to perform a HALO Jump from an altitude of 10,000 m / 32,800 ft

22 June, 2014

Michael took pictures at Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan

03 May, 2014

DISTANZ to publish Michael Najjar's "outer space"

02 April, 2014

First presentation of "outer space" in Berlin

24 March, 2014

German TV Arts Programm "titel thesen temperamente" shows a portrait of Michael Najjar

10 March, 2014

Article + interview in "uncube" magazine

31 January, 2014

Article in Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin

20 January, 2014

Arte TV features Michael´s working at ALMA

08 January, 2014

Article in Greenpeace Magazine, Germany

25 November, 2013

Michael has done a photoshooting at the Atacama desert

20 October, 2013

Michael returns to Star City for Cosmonaut Training

08 October, 2013

Michael photographs at JPL cleanroom

04 July, 2013

Michael visits Mojave Air and Space Port

07 May, 2013

michael takes a dose of centrifugal training

07 May, 2013

michael takes a dose of centrifugal training

20 February, 2013

"spacewalk" - first video work from the series

22 January, 2013

michael najjar starts collaboration with hasselblad

16 December, 2012

michael najjar completes first phase of cosmonaut training

09 September, 2012

michael najjar photographs "short arm centrifuge (sahc)" at the german aerospace center.

18 July, 2012

michael najjar photographs the james webb space telescope

04 April, 2012

michael at tedxkiruna conference, sweden

28 February, 2012

norman foster watches the new work

23 February, 2012

article on wallpaper magazine

13 February, 2012

first work from the new series

05 November, 2011

"first artist in space" - interview on artnet

24 October, 2011

michael najjar meets richard branson

20 September, 2011

historic final mission

15 September, 2011

new series "outer space"


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